Lip lift - Upper lip lift

Lip lift at Ocean Clinic in Marbella and Madrid involves a simple, in-office surgical procedure which serves to elevate, or ‘lift’, the upper lip. Candidates for a upper lip lift often have a longer distance between the nose and lip than most; a lip lift reduces this space. The surgery can also increase the level of ‘red show’ (how much lip is visible) for those with a naturally thin upper lip.

Lip lift - Upper lip lift Marbella Ocean Clinic

What is a lip lift?

The lip lift procedure is a simple surgical one which, if carried out alone will only require a local anaesthetic. Markings are places on the upper lip according to the plan made between you and your surgeon. Once the anaesthetic is administered and the area is numbed, the line of skin just below the nose is removed; the incision is then sealed using lots of hair-thin sutures to keep the scarring to a minimum. These sutures are removed within a week or so. The lip is naturally pulled up and outwards as the length of the skin is shortened.

What is the lip lift recovery like?

There will be some swelling and soreness which varies from person to person in severity. The swelling can worsen for the first few days and can be quite painful and uncomfortable. This is not uncommon and will pass fairly quickly, it is nothing to be concerned about unless the pain becomes unmanageable with regular pain relief.

The stitches and incision are kept clean using an antibacterial ointment and stitches are removed around 1 week post-op. Physical exertion, and therefore exercise is not advised for around two weeks, depending on the patient. Healing takes anywhere between 2-4 weeks and real results are noticed up to three months later, with scarring reducing over time.

Lip lift or lip fillers - What is the difference?

A lip lift does not use injectable fillers - where hyaluronic acid injections are added to the lip to achieve a bigger volume. A lip lift uses the existing lip size and shape but, with a small surgical procedure, enhances the ‘vermillon border’ - the lip line, bringing it closer to the nose.

What are the results of a upper lip lift?

The space between the nose and the lip line is surgically reduced and the lip appears to be fuller, more pronounced, and lifted; more ‘red show’ is apparent.

What are the results of a upper lip lift? Before and after | Ocean Clinic Marbella

This lip lift, performed by Dr. Kai Kaye at Ocean Clinic Marbella, shows the patient one-month post surgery. She received local anaesthetic, and the surgery took just under one hour.

Recovery time was one week and pain was considered 2/10.

You can see the difference in her lip size as well as the shorter distance between the lip and nose. The upper lip is more pronounced and has more “red show” than before.

What are the benefits of a lip lift?

The benefits of a lip lift are a rejuvenated appearance, a fuller, better-proportioned upper lip shape and space between the nose and upper lip. Lip lines and wrinkles are reduced as the skin has been tightened to create the new lip line.

Who is a good candidate for a lip lift?

  • ✓ You feel that the space between your nose and upper lip is too long?
  • ✓ Fillers did not work for you? Perhaps leaving the lip too heavy and long rather than plump.
  • ✓ You feel that your upper lip is too thin or out of proportion with the lower lip?

All such examples represent a good candidate for lip lift surgery.

How safe are lip lifts?

The procedure is a relatively simple one, done in-house with a local anaesthetic (unless being carried out within a combination of procedures which require deeper anaesthetic). The surgery takes only an hour (approx.) and recovery time is minimal. Scarring is also minimal and should be barely visible over time (within a year the results should be complete).

How long does lip lift last?

A lip lift is for life. The procedure will produce a permanent result, however, one must be aware that the ageing process will continue as normal in the surrounding areas.

How long does lip lift last? | Ocean Clinic Marbella

Lip flip a minimally invasive alternative?

  1. The lip flip is a far less invasive method of creating a fuller lip than the lip lift.
  2. A lip lift is for life and is not for everyone, it causes the lip to change shape and height and therefore alters the face and proportions permanently. This is something that must be deeply considered when toying with the idea of any surgical procedure. Finding the right surgeon who can work with your given anatomy to provide you with the perfect look for you is essential. The lip flip is instant and lasts only 3-4 months.
  3. A lip lift means not having to return to the doctors for ‘refills’, but, at the same time permanence cannot be altered without further surgery. The lip flip will require a top up every 3-4 months.

If you would like any more information about lip lift or require a consultation please contact Ocean Clinic today.

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