Plastic Surgery Insurance: What Does it Cover?

Plastic Surgery Insurance: What Does it Cover? Marbella Ocean Clinic

Are you deterred from having plastic surgery because of fears of complications? Perhaps you are put off from travelling to Spain for surgery from your home country in case you require follow-up treatment?

These are valid concerns and in order to give you the confidence you need, Ocean Clinic is partnered with Beauty Protect insurance. The insurance covers you in the event that anything unexpected occurs.

Beauty Protect is offered in addition to the highest levels of surgical care - Ocean Clinic goes to great lengths to minimise risks. We commit to providing first class aftercare to all our patients, however the insurance can provide you with extra peace of mind.

Cover in the event of complications

Any form of surgery comes with risk. An experienced surgeon and anaesthetist help to minimise that risk, but each patient is unique. People have different risk factors, relating to their age, genetics, health and lifestyle. People also have different capacities for healing and recovery. This means that sometimes complications can occur even when best practice has been carried out.

If you require medical intervention following your surgery due to a complication, Beauty Protect will ensure you are fully covered so you don’t have to worry. If you have an existing health insurance policy, treatment of this nature might not be covered, so it’s worth checking your documentation.

The Beauty Protect Exclusive Tariff covers all types of plastic and cosmetic surgery procedures and all forms of complications, including capsular contracture of breast implants (the cost of replacement implants is also covered). You can choose to be covered for complications arising either one year (€199) or three years (€398) post-surgery.

Cover in the event you are not satisfied with the results

If you are worried not only about complications following surgery, but also about being unhappy with the aesthetic results, additional cover is available.

The Esthetic Plus option can be added to your policy for €199 and means you will be covered for a second surgery if you feel the objectives of your treatment have not been met i.e. you feel your nose has not been sufficiently altered.

If there has been a complication that has resulted in an aesthetic issue but not one that necessitates medical intervention, for example the formation of scar tissue, this policy will also have you fully covered.

You may choose to take this a step further with the Satisfaction Guarantee add-on at €99. This covers you for 6-months following surgery in case you desire further changes. Perhaps you decide you want breast implants of a different size or more fat transferred to your face? In which case, you will be able to have follow-up treatment.

Cover for breast implants

The Exclusive Tariff covers you for issues with breast implants that require medical intervention, such as capsular contracture. The Esthetic Plus option covers you for another breast augmentation in case the implants need to be removed, for example after a healing complication. It also includes the correction of complications such as double groove, rotation, displacement, cascade deformity or poor positioning.

However, there is additional cover for breast implants available at the cost of €19, for any damage sustained through accident. It provides three years of protection and is especially designed for patients who are at a higher risk of accident due to leisure activities such as skiing, cycling or horse riding.

Cover for patients travelling abroad for surgery

If you are considering surgery in another country, the thought that something might go wrong once you get home can be a big worry. It’s not only the cost of returning to the country where your surgery took place, it’s also the convenience.

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Your Questions Answered

The knowledge that you can seek quality follow-up treatment locally can go a long way to putting your mind at rest. This is why Beauty Protect includes a Tourist option at no additional cost with its policies. It means that if medical treatments are required for a complication, you can seek treatment in your home country.

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