Travelling from the UK to Spain for Cosmetic Surgery

Cut Costs, Not Care – Why Travelling from the UK to Spain for Cosmetic Surgery Can be a Smart Move. The strength of the pound against the euro means cosmetic surgery in Spain represents better value than ever for UK patients

With the pound at a seven-year high against the euro, British health tourists now have more than 15% extra spending power in Spain than they did a year ago. The benefits of the strong exchange rate come in addition to already low prices for cosmetic surgery and dentistry in Spain. Cosmetic treatments in the UK typically cost around 60% more than in Spain, but cutting costs does not mean cutting quality of care. Spain has some of the best medical establishments in the world.

Travelling from the UK to Spain for Cosmetic Surgery

The Spanish healthcare system is currently ranked seventh in the world by the World Health Organization (WHO). This is ahead of the UK, which ranks 18th and the US, which is rated 37th out of 190 countries. In addition, according to the WHO, Spain ranks second in terms of patient satisfaction.

The facilities available in Spain, especially those in private clinics, are highly sophisticated, while the doctors practicing in the country are both highly trained and closely regulated. In accordance with Spanish law, all doctors must undergo at least six years of training before they can officially begin to practice medicine and those who wish to specialise must train for even longer before they are recognised as qualified in their field.

New figures show the number of foreigners coming to Spain for surgery is higher than ever. Last year the health tourism sector grew by 20% to €500 million – and is on track to hit €1 billion by 2020.

Patients are travelling to Spain from the UK, the Middle East, Russia and even as far as America to take advantage of the savings. These so-called health tourists come not only for cosmetic surgery, but also for other treatments ranging from hip replacements and heart operations to IVF and cancer treatments.

Prices for medical treatment vary depending on the procedure but UK patients can easily expect savings of around 30% to 70%. There are several reasons why medical treatment costs less in some European countries. Labour cost is the number one factor governing prices, accounting for 70% of total costs in the UK.

Because of this disparity in overheads, exactly the same procedure, with equal levels of expertise and care, may be half the price in a neighbouring country. For example, in the UK, the average cost of private breast implant surgery is around £3,500 to £5,000. The average cost of the same treatment in Spain is between €3,500 to €5,500 – that’s £2,500 to £3,900 at the current rate of exchange. That’s a saving of at least £1,000.

Rhinoplasty in a private UK hospital would cost a patient anywhere between £3,500 and £4,500, but in Spain the same surgery is available for around £2,500 to £3,200 (€3500-€4,500). Again, you can make a minimum saving of £1,000.

As you can see, the current exchange rate makes travelling to Spain for surgery a more attractive option than ever before.

Many people who travel to Spain for cosmetic surgery combine their trip with a holiday. Taking a holiday enables you to recover in privacy, away from friends, family and colleagues who you may not wish to know about your treatment.

Moreover, you can fully relax, away from the chores of daily life at home, leading to a speedier recovery. The climate in Spain is also beneficial for those recovering from treatment, with plenty of sunshine, even in the winter. This is especially true in the south of the country, on the Costa del Sol, where Ocean Clinic Marbella is located. Winter temperatures here can be as high as 20 degrees.

Off-season hotel accommodation is very affordable, while the high availability of low cost flights makes it both cheap and easy to travel to Spain. Flight time from the UK to Spain is under three hours. If you are based in the UK (or elsewhere outside of Spain) and are considering travelling abroad for cosmetic surgery, Ocean Clinic Marbella can arrange an initial consultation via Skype. This will allow the doctor to advise you on the procedure, assess your individual case and provide you with an accurate quotation. We can also provide you with information on nearby accommodation. For further information please complete our contact form.