Dr Kaye Presents Advancements in Facial Rejuvenation

Ocean Clinic`s Head Surgeon Dr Kai Kaye performed a live facelift in front of 35 surgeons in Barcelona this month.

Dr Kaye was invited to participate in a workshop on advanced facial rejuvenation techniques staged at Centro Médico Teknon.

Dr Kaye Presents Advancements in Facial Rejuvenation

Organised by Dr Ana Torres of Instituto Ana Torres in collaboration with Upviser / Human Med, the workshop included two live surgeries.

One was the acclaimed Aqualift Facelift technique developed by Dr Kaye, which utilises water-jets as a gentle way to separate the soft tissues and prevent damage to vessels and nerves.

The second surgery demonstrated three-dimensional fat grafting to the face and was performed by Dr Hilkka Peltroniemi from Finland.

Plastic surgeons from within Spain and around Europe attended the meeting endorsed by SECPRE and SETGRA to listen to the lectures and to interact live with the surgeons in the operating room.

Says Dr Kaye: “We congratulate Ana for this successful event and thank the whole team at Clinica Teknon for the hospitality.”