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Liposuction, or lipoplasty and liposculpture, are the most commonly performed plastic surgery procedure. It is ideally suited to eliminate bulges of fat from different areas of the body with minimal scarring and quick recovery times. When done properly it is easily tolerated and very safe. Although the amount of weight loss is not remarkable, because the fat is taken from targeted areas, the changes in body contour are often dramatic.

The body has certain places where it prefers to store slow burning fat. This varies from individual to individual. These bulges of slow burning fat give the figure its particular shape, whether it be an hourglass or a pear figure. Unfortunately, if you don’t like these bulges, they can be hard to get rid of as they are slow burning fat. Even with diet and exercise, you will probably lose weight in other areas before you lose those bulges. Liposuction does not affect muscle tone or skin tone. A person with hanging skin is probably a better candidate for dermatolipectomy or tummy tuck.

Many women find that certain parts or their body, such as their thighs, hips, or abdomen are out of proportion with the rest of their body, for those patients liposuction provides a very suitable solution. Age is not the most predominant factor in patient selection for this procedure, but skin quality in general is very important: for patients with extensive cellulite, abundant stretch marks or a reduced elasticity of the skin liposuction may not be suitablable and other procedures must be considered.

The plastic surgeons from Ocean Clinic, with years of experience in all techniques, including Laser, Ultrasound and Waterjet assisted procedures, but mostly prefers to use the Nutational Infrasonic Liposculpture, also called Tickle Lipo with the Lipomatic 4 aspirator. This advanced machine uses very fine (2-3 mm) vibrating cannulas which cause less trauma and bruising and achieve much smoother tissue contours. Downtime and postoperative Pain are reduced significantly while the aesthetic results a far superior to other techniques.

All about liposuction in Madrid

All about Lipo Madrid. Ocean Clinic


  • Technical term
  • Duration of surgery
    30 minutes – 4 hours
  • Anaesthesia
    local / sedation / general
  • Discharge from clinic
    same day
  • Fit for society
    1-3 days
  • Back to work
    1-5 days
  • Aftercare and recovery
    Compression garment for 4-6 weeks after surgery


Lipo 3d animations


Almost any area of your body can be contoured with liposuction – thighs, hips, buttocks, lower legs, back, abdomen, chest, upper arms, neck, jaw line and cheeks - creating a slimmer, shapelier appearance. The procedures may vary for specific body areas, but the general processes are similar. So, watch and learn how liposuction is performed on the outer thighs.

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Water-assisted liposuction

Water jet assisted liposuction

Water jet assisted liposuction is a method of liposuction being used by cosmetic surgeons. Water-assisted liposuction (WAL) is a technique for body contouring and fat harvesting.

The basic principle of water jet assisted Liposuction is guided high pressure water jet inside the liposuction cannula to help loosen fat cells from connective tissue and then gently removes them. Less invasive. Less painful. Better aesthetic outcomes.

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Lipo photo gallery

Lipo before and after real clinical case 01
Before and after

Liposuction on hips inner and outer thighs. Actual before and after plastic surgery photos.

Lipo before and after real clinical case 02
Before and after

Liposuction on abdomen, stomach and around waist, flanks. Actual before and after plastic surgery photos.

Lipo before and after real clinical case 03
Before and after

Liposuction on abdomen, waist and legs. Actual before and after plastic surgery photos.

Know about Lipo Madrid

Liposuction Madrid frequently asked

Do the effects of Liposuction last forever?

Up to a certain point. When we perform Liposuction we take out most-but not all-of the fat cells in that area, but if you gain weight afterwards the remaining fat cells can fill-up again.

How much fat can be taken out?

During one liposuction procedure 4-5 ltrs. of fat can be removed, patients who require larger amounts or many different zones should split the procedures.

Will I be left with loose skin where the fat has been removed?

This generally depends on your skin quality, age and lifestyle. Younger skin usually retracts very well, older skin less and might need additional procedures like thigh lift or Tummy tuck.

How long does it take to recover post-op?

Normal recovery takes 2-3 weeks, during which time a support garment must be worn 24/7 to ensure a smooth result and a good retraction of skin.

Which areas of the body are not suitable for Liposuction?

Liposuction can be performed on almost any area that carries fat.

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