Plastic Surgery Trends for 2021

  1. Trend #1 Preventing aging
    The focus will shift from restorative treatments to preventative treatments that stop the clock
  2. Trend #2 Zoom face maintenance
    With everyone making more video calls, more people will want facial treatments
  3. Trend #3 Face mask eye tweakments
    Wearing face masks will drive demand for eye-bag and crow’s feet treatment
  4. Trend #4 Game changing injectables
    New neurotoxin DAXI will hit the market - it’s said to last for six months
  5. Trend #5 Combo treatments
    “Magic” combinations of surgical treatments and non-surgical treatments will enhance results
  6. Trend #6 The “Fakelift”
    Nanofat microneedling, Injectables and RF skin tightening will be combined for non-invasive facelifts
  7. Trend #7 Maskne treatments
    People will seek cosmetic treatments for spots caused by wearing masks

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