Correcting asymmetrical breasts

Breast asymmetry surgery

  1. Most women have one breast bigger than the other… but for some women the difference is more noticeable
  2. Asymmetrical breasts can be caused by a congenital disorder that becomes visible at puberty
  3. Other causes are weight loss, pregnancy, breastfeeding, menopausal and mastectomy
  4. If you feel self-conscious about uneven breasts, there are options
  5. These include breast reduction, breast uplift and breast enlargement
  6. You don’t necessarily need an implant to increase the size of your breast
  7. Fat can be removed from your tummy or thighs and injected into your breast ⇒ breast lipotransfer
  8. Uneven nipples can be repositioned, with scarring hidden in the areola
  9. The result is natural-looking, well-shaped, symmetrical breasts… and total confidence

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