Summer body treatments

The State of Alarm has ended… it’s back to the beaches and pool clubs!

  1. Want to get your body summer ready in a flash? Here are 4 non-surgical quick fixes
  2. Best for fat loss: Coolsculpting
  3. Coolsculpting uses fat freezing technology to kill fat cells and reduce stubborn fat bulges by up to 25%
  4. Best for cellulite: Cellfina
  5. Cellfina releases the tight fibrous bands that cause cellulite dimples so they bounce back and become smooth again
  6. Best for stretch marks: Venus Viva
  7. Venus Viva uses radiofrequency to trigger the body’s natural healing process, resulting in the resurfacing of stretch marks
  8. Best for skin tightening: Exilis Elite
  9. Exilis Elite uses focused thermal energy to stimulate collagen and shrink fat cells, improving skin tone

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