Plastische Chirurgen

Plastische Chirurgen

Dr Kai O Kaye | Ocean Clinic
Dr Kai O Kaye

Dr Kaye is a Board Certified Plastic Surgeon, ISAPS expert and founder of Ocean Clinic. He specializes in multimodal facial rejuvenation, autologous fat grafting in composite breast augmentation and total core 360 degree lipo-abdominoplasty (tummy tuck). He developed the PAVE-Facelift, a Peeling-Assisted Volume Enhancing Facelift Technique and published several new techniques for surgical facial Rejuvenation in peer-reviewed journals.

Dr Richard M Fakin | Ocean Clinic
Dr Richard M Fakin

PD Dr med Richard Fakin is Swiss-Italian board-certified plastic surgeon and adjunct professor of plastic surgery at The University of Zurich (Switzerland). He is founder of Ocean Clinic Madrid and Zurich.
He specializes in the aesthetic surgery and gender reassignment surgery.
Dr Fakin is an author of numerous scientific publications and book chapters.

Dr Felix Paprottka | Ocean Clinic
Dr Felix Paprottka

Dr Paprottka verstärkt seit 2017 das Team der Ocean Clinic Marbella und erhielt im Rahmen seines plastisch-ästhetisch chirurgischen Trainingsprogramms eine fundierte Ausbildung im Bereich der Gesichts- und Brustchirurgie, des Bodycontourings und diverser konservativer Behandlungsmethoden (wie z.B. Filler und Botox).