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Scar Correction

Scar Correction

Trauma or surgical lesion of the skin can lead to scars which may result, to variable degrees, in disturbing appearance, restricted function of the affected body region and various symptoms, including pain. There are many types of scars and numerous factors which can influence their development and their final appearance. These include, among others, location of the scar, suture technique, the aftercare, products and treatments applied, UV exposure, and above all the patient’s genetic predisposition. Whereas, some of these factors are simply given and cannot be changed, many others can be influenced in order to positively alter the postoperative scar development. Scar correction is not only about the surgical part, but above all about a complete therapeutic concept which may extend months beyond the operation. Regardless of what the reasons may be (aesthetic, functional), scar correction is becoming an increasingly requested procedure as less and less patients are willing to accept their impairment.

  • Terme technique
    Scar Correction
  • Durée de l'opération
    20 – 90 minutes
  • Anesthésie
    Local / sedation / general
  • Sortie de la clinique
    Same day
  • Récupération
    1-2 days
  • Retour au travail
    Usually next day
  • Suivi et rétablissement
    Special scar treatments

Ce qu’il faut savoir avant Scar Correction

Ce qu’il faut savoir avant Scar Correction . Ocean Clinic

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