Specialist in Aesthetic Dentistry Dr Nina King

Specialist in Aesthetic Dentistry Dr Nina King  Ocean Clinic

Dr King is a UK registered specialist prosthodontist, focusing on cosmetic and advanced restorative dentistry. Although born in London, her extensive international experience stretches across five countries.

Throughout her 20-year career, she has worked and taught in many UK dental hospitals such as Leeds and Guy’s, as well as practising in the West end of London (Piccadilly Circus) and running a community clinic.

She has most recently returned to Spain in 2016 following completion of a full-time contract in Dubai working at one of the longest established clinics in the country in addition to holding a clinical teaching post on the postgraduate master’s programme.

Nina adopts a very patient centred approach, involving and informing the patient at every step of the way along the dental journey to ultimately deliver aesthetic results that match patients´expectations. However for results to work well long term, good health, and function are also of equal importance.

She has a proven commitment to continuing education and professional development, attending many seminars and workshops throughout Europe and USA in order to stay current, with a particular emphasis on aesthetic and restorative dentistry. Last year she successfully completed the accreditation at the Dawson Academy which is a year-long residency-based programme originating in the USA.

She remains excited about her profession and embraces the rapidly expanding technology available to improve communication, accuracy and predictability in the field of cosmetic dentistry.