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Neocollagenesis is an expression to describe a process that induces new collagen fibres in various layers of the skin and the subcutaneous layers. Various devices and technologies are on the market to induce neocollagenesis by delivering heat into the skin and create a thermal microtrauma leading to a reformation of elastic fibres. The challenge with any device is to effectively deliver enough energy into the right layer to stimulate the production of new collagen and elastin and to achieve a satisfactory clinical result.

At the Ocean Clinic Group our mission is to stay ahead of the curve when it comes to new devices and technology and to deliver results that meet our patients´ expectations. Up to date micro-focused ultrasound is the best and most versatile collagen stimulating technology available on the market. It can deliver thermal energy (heat) into 3 different depths of skin to stimulate collagen and elastin production in different skin levels, it can treat different skin densities and is FAA approved as a non-surgical lifting device.

Ultrasonido Microfocalizado | Ocean Clinic Marbella


We have been using the Ultherapy device for more than 6 years with a very high satisfaction rate among our patient, resulting in treatment protocols individualized for every patient and based on the following standards:

  • Use of the ultrasound imaging provided by the device to visualize and customize our protocols according to each area treated and each patient.
  • Use of a potent numbing cream adapted to each patient´s sensibility to make the treatment comfortable and painless.
  • Use of the device in combination with other treatments if needed to achieve the desired aesthetic result.

To achieve neocollagenesis in all levels and layers of the skin is one of the pillars of our 3-dimensional approach to restore a youthful look, starting with achieving better skin texture on the surface and reaching down to the deep subcutaneous fascia layer where tightening of the fibres counteracts the soft tissue decent created by gravitational forces and loss of projection.