The PAVE facelift

The PAVE-lift is a new and modern plastic surgical procedure combining several treatments in one. This facial rejuvenation technique is the ultimate in facial lifting, that it combined with chemical peeling and fat transfer. The results are incredible.

Over time facelift surgery has become one of the most useful treatments for rejuvenating the face and neck, helping to correct the inescapable advance of age. It would be ideal to eternally preserve our skin as taut, hydrated and firm over the years, sadly the reality is that with passing time, the skin loses elasticity. What happens is that collagen and elastin production diminishes, and both are molecules that carry hydration and firmness to the dermis, thus aging begins. A variety of facial treatments exist, giving pacients the opportunity to pause and correct the signs of age left on our skin, such as dryness, wrinkles and flaccidity, so that we appear with as few of those signs as possible.

The PAVE facelift

A new and complete facelift procedure

People aged between 40 and 50 years that wish to show a more youthful appearance are the sector most interested in the treatements that Aesthetics offers. One of those is facelift surgery, a stellar alternative to rejuvenate the skin of the face and neck.

Lifting has progressed to such a point that scars are almost unoticable, and the natural results are among the most advanced in medical aesthetic treatments for skin aging. An excellent example of this is the PAVE-facelift, the innovative facelift technique showcased in the last few months by plastic surgeon Dr Kai O Kaye. Its decribed as a new and modern surgical treatment combining several treatments in one:

Facelifting + Chemical Peeling + Autologous Fat Transfer

In this way the results of your daily skin routine are increased.

The PAVE facelift

What makes PAVE Facelift different?

In comparison with traditional methods, PAVE facelift offers great advantages, which we will detail as follows:

Brings volumen to the skin. The injection of the patients own fat brings volumen to the face, filling the zones that have, with passing time, lost density, like the cheeks. It also works very well in filling the small, fine wrinkles under the eyes. Some patients also choose fat grafting to augment their lips in the same surgery.

Regenerates the skin, giving a glowing, soft complexión without age marks. The combination of facelift surgery with a chemical peel completes and improves the final results. In addition, to tightening the skin, the chemical peel eliminates the superficial layers of the dermis, correcting marks, wrinkles and old scars. The controlled exfoliating action permits deep regeneration of the skin, helping it to recover tone and texture.

Reduces the flacidity of the face and neck. In a conventional lifting normally 3 sutures are used, but sometimes the skin of the neck does not become as lifted and tensed as desired. PAVE facelift uses 4 sutures, one of them directly under the chin, that maintain the tensión and tautness of the skin of the neck, eliminating the Platysmal bands, which are the vertical bands that appear with old age.

Eliminates fat deposits such as doublé chin. Liposuction of the underchin área is performed to define and contour the chin and jawline, leaving a very harmonious result.

How is a PAVE-Facelift performed?

The procedures that combine as PAVE-lift are all carried out in the same surgery. The lifting is acheived through a small "S-shaped" incisión that respects the lines around the ears and temporal hairline, lifting and tensing the tissues of the face and neck and removing excess skin. The lift is anchored using four suture points fixing the muscles and skin in place, the scar being hidden in the hairline where possible.

Next, the chemical peel is performed. A solution of Phenol or TCA is used, or a mix of both. In the last part of the surgery, the fat previously extracted from the patient is re-injected into the facial zones such as cheeks, brows, lips, chin etc, wherever needed. The fat used is normally harvested from the abdomen or hips with a fine canulla, and re-injected with special micro-canullas.


As its possible that during the first weeks post-op some of the fat will be re-absorbed by your body, the surgeon may repeat the fat transfer again at a later date. In this way, its normal during this phase that the face looks more swollen.

A PAVE facelift surgery lasts around 4 hours. In most cases the patient will stay overnight in the clinic, but it can also be ambulatory, the plastic surgeon will decide what is best. The results are very natural. As soon as the swelling is diminished, normal life can be resumed. Above all its important to follow the instructions of the surgeon, protect the skin from sun exposure, and remove alcohol and tabacco habits to ensure an optimum result.

"PAVE-Lift is ideal for those pacients that want to stop the signs of aging, and enjoy a more youthful appearance, with a bright, smooth skin. Recommended for those in their 40s to 50s, that are demonstrating slack, dull skin with wrinkles."