Dr Marco Ranieri, Plastic Surgeon - Q&A

Dr Marco Ranieri, Plastic Surgeon - Q&A Marbella Madrid Ocean Clinic

Question and answer with Ocean Clinic’s New Surgeon Dr Marco Ranieri

Ocean Clinic Marbella has welcomed a new plastic surgeon, Dr Marco Ranieri, to the team.

Dr Ranieri hails from Italy and studied medicine at the University of Rome. He went on to specialise in reconstructive plastic surgery at the University of Regensburg in Germany and now has a focus on aesthetics, honing his skills under Ocean Clinic’s surgical director Dr Kai Kaye.

We asked Dr Ranieri about his new role at Ocean Clinic and what he’s hoping to achieve here in Marbella.

What attracted you to move to Spain and join Ocean Clinic?

I made my residency in plastic surgery in Germany, which is where I first met Dr Kaye, at a congress in 2016. I’ve been aware of Ocean Clinic and Dr Kaye’s work since then but up until last year, I was focused more on reconstructive surgery.

I decided I wanted to make a change and start to do more aesthetics. I came to Spain and started to work in another clinic doing aesthetic surgery. At the same time, I became a member of the International Society of Aesthetic and Plastic Surgery (ISAPS). Dr Kaye is heavily involved with ISAPS and has a month-long fellowship for residents and associate members of the society. For this reason, I came here to do a one-month fellowship. Then Dr Kaye offered me a permanent position and I stayed!

Do you have any particular plastic surgery specialities?

The areas I’m especially interested in are aesthetic breast surgeries, rhinoplasties and also body contouring.

Do you have any particular plastic surgery specialities? Ocean Clinic Marbella

You’ve published a number of peer-reviewed papers - what subjects have they been on?

I published seven papers about reconstruction surgery while I was a resident at university. The topics have included PRP (platelet rich plasma) treatments, fat stem cells and interaction with hyperbaric oxygenation as well as general oxygen vascularization in the tissue after a surgical procedure.

Are you working on any research projects currently?

I’ve joined the projects that they’re doing here in the Ocean Clinic. They are doing a lot of projects about dermal fillers and other surgical and non surgical anti-ageing treatments.

Is there any particular procedure you’re hoping to do more of now you’re at Ocean Clinic?

I would definitely like to focus on face aesthetic surgeries because Dr Kaye is really a master in performing those procedures. And I would also like to do more composite breast augmentation surgeries. Composite means you’re using breast implants and the patient’s own fat. This gives us the possibility to use smaller implants, achieving more natural-looking and longer lasting results. Those are techniques that Dr Kaye uses often and has perfected so it’s something I also want to become specialised in.

You speak many languages. Are you hoping to attract patients of more nationalities to the clinic?

I hope so! Italian is my first language but I also speak German, English and Spanish. And I’m currently learning Russian. Ocean Clinic has an international client base so being multilingual helps me to effectively communicate with patients.

And finally, what are you most enjoying about being part of the team at Ocean Clinic?

I’m very much enjoying working with the team because there is very good harmony in the clinic. The life of a surgeon can be very stressful because there is pressure to achieve the best aesthetic results, so if you also work in a stressful environment, that stress is doubled. Here you don’t have that and you can concentrate and enjoy your work.

I’m also happy to be working with Dr Kaye. He is a very good teacher and I’m learning a lot from him every day. My target is that one day I will have the skills that he has and be an excellent all-round aesthetic surgeon.

Want an appointment with Dr Ranieri? Contact Ocean Clinic by telephone: (+34) 951 77 55 18 or by email: info@oceanclinic.net.