Fermeture de notre service dentaire

Nous sommes au regret d’annoncer que notre dentiste, le Dr Nina King, quittera la clinique au début du mois de février. Son départ entraînera la fermeture du service dentaire d’Ocean Clinic Marbella.

Nous tenons à remercier nos patients et espérons que nous pourrons continuer à vous aider pour toutes vos questions d’ordre esthétique. Vous pouvez nous contacter au (+34) 951 77 55 18 / info@oceanclinic.net

Esthétique dentaire

Never underestimate the simple elegance of a beautiful smile. With their best smile on display, patients feel more assured and can find greater success in their social interactions. Transform your smile quickly with esthétique dentaire treatments at the Ocean Clinic with dedicated cosmetic dentist Dr King.

If you are not happy with your smile because your teeth are stained, discolored, worn, chipped, broken, misaligned or have gaps between them we can help you find a cosmetic solution that works for you! Treatment options range from porcelain veneers, to teeth whitening, to CEREC crown technology. And although most procedures are usually elective many cases of treatment also provide restorative and health benefits.

We are proud to be using the latest digital technology making dentistry in the 21st century a more predictable, efficient and comfortable process. For more information please visit oceandentalmarbella.com.

Spécialiste en odontologie esthétique et adhésive

What to Know Before Esthétique dentaire Spécialiste en odontologie esthétique et adhésive. Ocean Clinic

Esthétique dentaire is a highly specialized area of dentistry that requires years of additional training and experience in order to produce great results. The advent of newer materials and digital technology further expands the exciting field, allowing dentists to recreate nature and exceed patient expectations of a healthy, natural, confident and beautiful smile!

While specific skills and further training are essential, the field of esthétique dentaire is not actually recognized as a specialty and remains a controversial area. Many dentists insist that any dentist properly trained in dental school can do aesthetic procedures well…. However, this is not the case. Many general dentists do not fully understand aesthetics and have chosen the profession because they like to fix things. They have an engineering mentality, an approach that is reinforced throughout dental school. To create artistry requires a certain shift in focus, and a more holistic approach to the patient so personalized smiles are achieved. If you´re considering esthétique dentaire procedures, it´s vital to find a cosmetic dentist who is prepared to listen and understand what you are looking for, has stayed at the forefront of the developing materials and technology and of course has also had considerable experience in creating, individual artistic smiles for patients.

For a smile to be truly beautiful, it must be healthy as well. Dr King is a UK registered prosthodontist, a specialty with deals with replacing missing teeth and harmonious function of the muscles, jaw joints and teeth ensuring that great aesthetics are built on healthy foundations.

Explication des traitements

We know that for many, the dentist is not a favorite place to visit. Yet so many people are embarrassed about their smile but nervous about taking the next step to do something about it.

Having confidence in your smile is such a powerful thing for someone’s self -esteem, and we see how being able to deliver that to someone really changes their whole demeanor.

We promise to listen carefully and respectfully to what you want and always present different options in a way that you can understand.

We are transparent with our prices and focused on meeting your expectations. We want you to feel as comfortable as possible and always strive to make your dental experience a positive and rewarding one!

Dr Nina King, Ocean Clinic Marbella
Dr Nina King, cosmetic dentistry. Ocean Clinic Marbella