Plastic Surgeon Dr Sonja Kästner

Consultant for Plastic and Aesthetic Surgery

Plastic Surgeon Dr Sonja Kästner Consultant for Plastic and Aesthetic Surgery Ocean Clinic Marbella

After attending the medical school in Cologne, Germany, Dr Kästner received her medical approbation from the University of Cologne in December 2009. Subsequently she attained her doctoral degree with the graduation 'magna cum laude' in July 2012 after four years of experimental research at the department of Pharmacology of the University of Cologne (Prof Dr Herzig).

Between 2010 and 2012 Dr Kästner worked as a resident in general surgery at a large medical center in Cologne to gain experience in the field of emergency and intensive care. 2012 she joined the Department for Plastic Aesthetic Hand and Burn Surgery at the Clinic Cologne-Merheim, which is part of the University of Witten-Herdecke (Prof Dr Fuchs), as a resident for Plastic Surgery. The highly reputed Clinic focuses on reconstructive surgery, burns, hand surgery and furthermore the training of students.

Sonja Kästner MD FEBOPRAS specialised in Aesthetic Surgery

To complete her residency program and to specialise in Aesthetic Surgery, in January 2016, Dr Kästner took the opportunity to join the team of Ocean Clinic.

Soon after, Dr Kästner qualified as a registered Plastic Surgeon in Germany. Furthermore, in November 2016, she proved her knowledge on an international level and passed the European Board examination in Plastic Surgery (EBOPRAS). She continues to work with Dr Kaye as Consultant for Ocean Clinic.

Since September 2017, Dr Kästner additionally works as a Consultant for the Praxisklinik am Rosengarten in Bergisch Gladbach, Germany. The Praxisklinik am Rosengarten is cooperating with the Ocean Clinic.