What scarring will I have after facelift surgery?

Thankfully, modern short scar facelift techniques require far smaller incisions than the cutaneous facelift of old. Rather than one long incision that runs the length of the hairline, two smaller incisions are made around the ears.

For a MACS facelift (our most frequently performed type of facelift), the incision starts in the sideburn area, follows the contours of the ear and then curves behind the earlobe.

facelift incisions

How long and how well your incisions take to heal is dependent on several factors, including surgical technique, prevention of infection, not smoking (before or after surgery) and your genetics.

For the most part, facelift incisions heal very well and eventually should be undetectable to everyone but your hairdresser. For the frst several weeks after surgery, the scars will be pink and noticeable, but can be covered by makeup and long hair if you have it. After 6-12 months, the incisions fade away to just a pale line.

What are the potential risks and side effects of facelift surgery?

Minimal incision techniques have reduced the risk associated with facelift surgery, however, as with any surgery there is always a degree of risk. Risks include bleeding, facial nerve injury, facial asymmetry, change in ear position and infection - you will be given antibiotics to help prevent this complication. In the event of complication, there is the possibility that revision surgery will be needed, but risk is signifcantly minimised in the hands of a skilled surgeon.

In terms of side efects, there will be some pain following surgery but it can be well managed with painkillers. You may experience nausea as a result of the anesthesia. Numbness can be expected in the areas operated on and the ear, which can last for up to a year.

facelift surgery cost
facelift surgery results

What does facelift surgery cost in Spain?

Facelift surgery is not a one-size-its-all procedure and you might pay anything from €5,500 to €8,500 depending on the treatment you require. While one person may be unhappy with “baggy eyelids”, another person may be troubled by “saggy jowls” or a “loppy neck”. Therefore, your treatment plan will be tailored to you.

For maximum results, your facelift surgery could also include fat transfer to replace lost volume, a chemical peel to resurface your skin and eyelid surgery. Your surgeon will advise which combination of treatments will be necessary to address your speciic concerns.
It goes without saying, that facelift surgery should not be scrimped on - your face is, of course, the most important part of your body!

How long will the results from facelift surgery last?

Although a facelift can turn back time, it cannot stop it. Once the surgery is complete, you will continue to age but from your new starting point. This means you will always look younger than you would have if you hadn’t had surgery. However, since you will continue to age, you may wish to have another facelift in 10-12 years time. Often a minor skin retuck is all that’s needed to prolong the result.

You can further slow the clock and maintain the beneits of your facelift by adopting an anti-aging skin care regime, including chemical peels, eating healthily, not smoking and minimising sun exposure.

The PAVE-lift is the ultimate in facial lifting, combining a surgical facelift with chemical peeling and fat transfer. The results are incredible.

Face lift surgery has progressed to such a point that scars are almost unoticable, and the natural results are among the most advanced in medical aesthetic treatments for skin aging.
An excellent example of this is the PAVE-Lift, the innovative facelift technique showcased in the last few months by plastic surgeon Dr Kai O Kaye. It’s described as a new and modern surgical treatment combining several treatments in one:

* 1 Facelifting + 1 Chemical Peeling + 1 Autologous Fat Transfer

In this way the results are dramatically enhanced.


In comparison with traditional methods, PAVE lift ofers great advantages, which we will detail as follows:


The injection of the patients own fat brings volumen to the face, illing the zones that have, with passing time, lost density, like the cheeks. It also works very well in illing the small, ine wrinkles under the eyes. Some patients also choose fat grafting to augment their lips in the same surgery.

Do you have a
“Mathematically Beautiful Face” ?
How to get one
If you don’t

The recent study, conducted by researchers at the
Temple University School of Medicine in
Philadelphia and published in Aesthetic Surgery Journal, aims to provide
a guide for plastic surgeons to ideal mid-face proportions.

The study involved analysing photographs of 55 women with idealised facial
proportions - the images were selected from a stock photography website
after running a search for “beautiful young woman not smiling”.

Some 13 facial measurements were taken, but only eight were found to be
statistically signiicant in terms of attractiveness.
The researchers recorded the average
measurements from the women’s faces (see below).

  • * The distance between the eyes
  • * Eye diameter
  • * Nose length
  • * Distance from the inside of the eye to top lip
  • * Width from cheekbone to inside of the eye
  • * Diagonal of cheekbone to chin
  • * Distance from cheekbone to hairline
  • * Distance from cheekbone to chin

The overall conclusion from the study was that a heart-shaped face, with broad cheekbones and a narrow chin, was the most attractive. This face shape can be seen on celebrities like Reese Witherspoon, Jennifer Love Hewitt and Eva Longoria.

Writing in the journal, lead author Dr Gary Linkov, says: “The notion of ‘mathematical beauty’ implies the existence of ideal facial contours, dimensions, and ratios that, when present, create a harmonious, balanced, and attractive face.
“A heart-shaped mid-face is the quintessential symbol of youth and remains the overarching goal of mid-facial rejuvenation. However, few objective criteria exist to describe mid-facial position, whether in the ideal or aged state. We felt that these parameters might be useful to clinicians looking to ind means of quantifying ageing changes, as well as postoperative improvements.”

Although some measurements recorded in the study - such as the distance between the eyes - cannot be cosmetically altered, others can be manipulated with injectable iller or fat transfer.
Cheeks, in particular, lose volume with age. This can be restored with fat or iller in order to give a fuller, more youthful looking face. One inding of the study was that cheekbones should be as wide as eyebrows for maximum attractiveness - augmenting the volume in the cheeks can help to achieve this appearance.

Ocean Clinic’s Head Surgeon Dr. Kai Kaye says: “Enhanced volume added to key areas of the face such as the cheeks and lips can make you look younger and more beautiful. However, if you don’t want a cosmetic procedure, contouring with makeup can help create the illusion of the desireable heart-shaped face.”

Do you have a perfect pout?

Scientists claim to have inally nailed
down the ideal female lip proportions
- the bottom lip should be twice
the size of the top one.

Researchers at the University of California in America asked groups of men and women to assess the attractiveness of 160 pictures of white women’s faces. They found that a 1:2 ratio of upper to lower lip was considered the most attractive by both sexes.
Ideally, the lips should make up about 10% of the lower third of the face. For those considering lip fillers, these indings should be adhered to in order to preserve a natural look.

If you’ve ever seen someone with “fake” looking lips it’s because they’ve broken the golden rules of ratio and proportion. Women who increase the size of their lips by more than 50% risk leaving their face looking out of proportion. Meanwhile, those who overill their upper lip will create an artiicial, “duckbill” appearance.
The authors of the study concluded: “We advocate preservation of the natural ratio or achieving a one to two ratio in lip augmentation procedures while avoiding the overilled upper lip look frequently seen among celebrities.”

The Cupid’s bow

To be considered truly attractive, lips must not only be full, but also shapely. As one London-based doctor, Dr Tijion Esho, points out, the 1:2 ratio should not extend the entire width of the lips. The perfect lips will have a 1:1 ratio in the outer corners - plus an accentuated philtrum, or Cupid’s bow. To create a really sensual look, the bottom lip should be plump in the centre while the top lip should be “dipped low” in the middle, like can be seen in Angelina Jolie’s famous pout. The shape can be achieved during lip augmentation by careful placement of small droplets of lip filler.

Dr Anders Larsen
is specialised in dental implants and has more than 10
years of experience in the ield of dental implantology
with more than 1000 successful completed cases.

He works in the ield of bone surgery and soft
tissue management. Apart from dental implants
he performs, sinus lifts, bone reconstruction,
surgical extractions and gingival plastic.


The Endermology technique is based on 30 years experience in skin firming,l ocalized fat reducing, and smoothing cellulite by Remodulation of collagen fibres. LPG also offers pre and post surgery facial treatments to refine, firm and reduce wrinkles and folds.


This device uses ablative radiofrequency delivered by multiple needle pins to stimulate the production of collagen for skin rejuvenation and can eliminate at the same time lesions such as age spots,wrinkle or acne scars. It can safely treat all types of skin


This device offers 4 hand-pieces for a combined vacuum/radiofrequency treatment of the face and body to achieve excellent results by stimulating collagen and elastin production. It is used to achieve firmer, smoother skin and eliminate localised fat deposits without surgery.

If you have sagging jowls, a sagging neck or deep wrinkles that are making you look old, a facelift can help turn back the clock. Here at Ocean Clinic Marbella, we have performed hundreds of facelift procedures on both men and women and the surgery has high satisfaction levels.

To learn more about facelift surgery and see before and after photos, you can make an appointment for a free consultation. In the meantime, here are the most commonly asked questions:

Should I have a facelift or filler?

Fillers and fat transfer can address light wrinkles and hollows caused by loss of volume, but they cannot address skin or muscle laxity. If you have any sagging skin or deeper wrinkles, such as nasolabial folds, fller alone will not provide satisfactory results.

A good option, especially for younger patients, is a mini lift targeting the lower portion of the face, combined with fat transfer to permanently replace lost volume.

Am I too young for facelift surgery?

Everyone ages at different rates, so a younger person could well be a good candidate for facelift surgery. This is especially true for patients who have lost a considerable amount of weight and have been left with sagging facial skin.

Since facelift is a highly customised procedure, your plastic surgeon should be able to tailor a treatment plan to ft your exact specifcations.

facelift before after

Am I too old for facelift surgery?

Every person must be evaluated individually, taking into consideration their skin elasticity and overall health. A healthy seventy year old can be an ideal candidate for a facelift, providing they have realistic goals.
The main risk for an older person comes from the anesthesia. Your plastic surgeon can work with your primary medical doctor to evaluate your suitability.

How long is the downtime for facelift surgery?

Downtime for facelift surgery is two weeks and it is recommended you take this time off work if you don’t want people to know you’ve had surgery. Although you may feel fairly normal after a few days and able to go about your business, your face will still be bruised and swollen.

facelift surgery

Ocean Clinic Marbella has been named a winner in the Healthcare & Pharmaceutical Awards for the second year running. The clinic clinched the title of

Best Plastic & Cosmetic Surgery Clinic - Spain

The awards, organised by Global Health and Pharma Magazine, seek to recognise irms and organisations developing new and innovative ways to deliver healthcare around the world.

Ocean Clinic’s founder Doctor Kai Kaye is well known in the plastic surgery industry for pioneering new techniques including the PAVE-Lift facelift and is regularly invited to lecture to peers at medical meetings globally.

In June, Dr. Kaye and his team organised the second annual Marbella International Plastic Surgery Summer School (MIPSS), sharing insight with 110 specialists from 20 countries. The event included live surgery, performed at Ocean Clinic and livestreamed into the conference hall at H10 Andalucia Plaza Hotel.
Dr Kaye said: “We are always looking for ways to enhance our treatments with new techniques and technology in order to achieve the best possible results for our patients. Since we won the GHP award last year, we have been inding new ways to work with water-jets. We now use water-jets as part of facelift, liposuction and fat transfer procedures. Water-jets reduce trauma to the soft tissues, which means better results and faster healing.

“We are delighted to be recognised, once again, for the progress we continue to make and will endeavour to make further advancements over the next 12 months. One new area of expertise will be penis enhancement, now ofered by my colleague Doctor Sonja Kästner following training with a leading German specialist.”

Another innovation now available at Ocean Clinic Marbella is the Crisalix Virtual Reality headset, enabling patients to “try on” a large range of face, breast and body procedures before going under the knife. Ocean Clinic is one of the irst clinics on the Costa del Sol to ofer this advanced facility.



The combination of facelift surgery with a chemical peel completes and improves the inal results. In addition to tightening the skin, the chemical peel eliminates the supericial layers of the dermis, correcting marks, wrinkles and old scars. The controlled exfoliating action permits deep regeneration of the skin, helping it to recover tone and texture.


In a conventional lifting normally 3 sutures are used, but sometimes the skin of the neck does not become as lifted and tensed as desired. PAVE facelift uses 4 sutures, one of them directly under the chin, that maintains the tension and tautness of the skin of the neck, eliminating the Platysmal bands, which are the vertical bands that appear with old age.


Liposuction of the underchin area is performed to deine and contour the chin and jawline, leaving a very harmonious result.


Why are full lips attractive?

Just like a high hip-to-waist ratio in a woman signals strong mating potential, full lips are also thought to indicate fertility. This is because lips lose volume and narrow as women age, therefore full lips are associated with youthfulness. Maximum lip thickness is reached in girls at age 14, from which point they gradually decrease in size.

Additionally full lips are linked to sexual arousal. Lips, like other sexual organs, engorge with blood leading to increased fullness and redness. The efect is mimicked by lipstick, which is why women have been painting their lips for centuries (dating back to the Ancient Egyptians).
A study, carried out at Manchester University in the UK, found a woman’s lips are the most attractive part of her body - especially if she’s wearing lipstick. The study involved tracking the eye movements of 50 men as they were presented with images of diferent women.

When the women wore lipstick, the men gazed at their lips for an average of seven seconds – spending just 0.95 seconds looking at their eyes and 0.85 seconds studying their hair. Red lipstick held them captivated for the longest time - an average of 7.3 seconds.

How do your lips measure up?

Despite the identiication of the “perfect” measurements for lips, those with lips that don’t meet the criteria should not despair. As the researchers from the University of California point out, the overall attractiveness of a face comes from more than the lips.

Looking at models in Vogue over the past 50 years, they found, on average, the women did not meet the 1:2 ratio, instead having bottom lips only 47% larger than the top.

In addition, the study at Manchester University found while full lips were deemed to be the most attractive, the appeal of thin lips increased by more than 40% after lipstick had been applied.

It just goes to show, with a lattering lipstick, it’s easy to make the most of what you’ve got! However, if you’d like to enhance your lip size or shape, modern illers ofer a good option.

New formulations that last longer and look more natural, combined with a greater understanding of lip aesthetics and advanced surgical techniques, mean a beautiful pout can be yours.

Dr Paul Arts
specialised in porcelain veneers,
lumineers and composite veneers
He started working in 2007 with Emax ceramics for
veneers and porcelain crowns which ofer the best
aesthetic and functional possibilities.

Apart from that, as a more afordable alternative,
Paul developed great skillsin applying composite


Before any facial non invasive treatment its ideal to start with a deep cleanse of the skin, followed by special hydration to restore skin moisture levels and nutrients lost day to day and to obtain better results from any further treatments.


During this treatment micro punctures are delivered to the skin using a special pen resulting in a regeneration of the collagen and other elastic fibres of the cutis of the face or body. At the same time intradermal injections of vitamins according to the need of each persons skin type can be delivered with the pen. It is used as well to Enhance the appearance of scars, acne marks, expression lines etc.


These peels work on the upper skin layer called epidermis. By improving brightness and skin tone without a long downtime or visible treatment marks they are ideal to be performed before an important event to enhance the facial appearance.