Facelift Lipofilling

Facial Fat Transfer using Aqualift®

In this plastic surgery video, showing a facelift, Doctor Kaye performs a lipofilling procedure on the face.

Autologous Fat Grafting and Fat Injection by using the Aqualift technique. Facial Fat Transfer with own body-fat. Lipofilling or Autologous Fat Transfer with Aqualift®, water jet assisted, also known as Body-Jet, is the most gentle facelift possible for patients.

The SMAS (superficial musculoaponeurotic system) facelift, in which the connective tissue and muscular structures are lifted and repositioned in a very natural way, is supplemented by the hydrodissection technique.

AquaLift facelift (hydrodissection) is a particularly gentle version of the face and neck lift, in which the water-jet assisted preparation is used to release the fat cells from the tissue.

Positive effects, such as smoothing the nasolabial folds and lifting and tightening the chin line, are immediately apparent during the procedure. The result is a more fresh and lively facial expression in the eye area and a totally natural appearance of the face.

Water-jet technology, using the body-jet® device, offers the following benefits for facelift surgery:

  • Smooth and safe method
  • Minimally invasive but effective dissection
  • Minimize trauma to surrounding tissues
  • Uncomplicated and fast healing
  • Minimal pain: less bruising and swelling
  • The AquaLift facelift is a cosmetic surgery to get a physical attractiveness and, above all, a youthful looking face. In addition, this method reduces the typical risks, such as bleeding and subsequent nerve damage or irritation. The concept of Aqualift involves the use of water-jet-assisted liposuction and hydrodissection with the body-jet® device, to improve the results.

    This facelift plastic surgery video took place in june 2017 and was captured in Helsinki, Finland. Doctor Kai O Kaye is Director and Head Surgeon of Ocean Clinic Marbella.

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