Testimonios y opiniones de pacientes

Testimonios y opiniones de pacientes.

Testimonios y opiniones de pacientes. Ocean Clinic

I always felt in good hands and indeed my surgery went smoothly. Now, since three years, I live and enjoy my life I was always longing for. And it is simply great!

I am a plastic surgeon myself and a middle-age man and I know what I need – a fat grafting to my midface. Unfortunately, I cannot do it myself. Being in the business, I know whom to trust and where to get the best quality treatment. Thank you OC.
F.B. (40)

My breasts are perfect now, exactly how I wanted them. Thank you so much for a great job and all the care.

Sports, swimming, tank top – I feel confident about myself. Scars are barely visible. Amazing outcome.
C. (25)

I came to Ocean Clinic through recommendation, a few friends had their “boob job” done here and is 100% satisfied with the result, which gave me a lot of confidence to begin with. I am surprised to find out all the people working in the clinic speaks fluent English and super friendly and make sure I feel comfortable, even though I was there all by myself, I didn’t feel alone. I explained what I want and why I want it, Dr Fakin gave me very professional advise, now I have 80C, it looks so natural and yet big enough to give a nice curve on my body. I am surprised to find out the process is so comfortable, the pain and inconvenience is totally acceptable and I would highly recommend to my female friends who want to make the change.

Thanks for everyone at ocean clinic who helped us to be how we want to be.
— Isabel

Recently, I completed a transformation that began many years ago. As a long term morbidly obese woman who weighed 139kg at one point, I now weigh around 60kg following successful gastric bypass surgery. However the weight loss left me with a ravaged body and many kilos of excess skin. Dr Kaye has helped me complete my transformation.

I now have a body that fits me, fits my life, a face that pleases me every time I glance, or even stare, as I often do now, in a mirror. I no longer shudder when catching a glimpse of my reflection, either lnaked or clothed. Yes, there are some scars, they fade with time, but the healing has been as much mentally as physically. I do not have the words to express the psychological difference my new body has made.

Like anybody, I had concerns about surgery, I realised there were risks, complications could and indeed, did, arise. These concerns were outweighed by my desire to move toward a new life, I chose these words carefully as I want to emphasise I was facing forward rather than looking back.

Dr Kaye was recommended by a friend, always a good start. I put my own research in too, looking at his qualifications, his experience, his membership of the highest calibre of professional bodies. I live in England and travelled alone for my face lift, chin implant and arm resection late last year.

Dr Kaye surrounds himself with professionals of equally high standards. Language was not an issue at all. My very poor Spanish was not an issue. I have a very relaxed approach on surgery day. I will be medicated so I don’t feel, there will be nursing staff to manage my pain symptoms effectively I moved from the Clinic to The Hotel San Christobal next door the following day. They have an understanding based on experience that people are sore and may spend a great deal of time in the room. Not I, once I had my large sunglasses and a scarf, who cared? I found local bars with great food supplied by women who were fascinated and took great care of and interest in me During that time ofconvelessence some complications arose, I worried, naturally as my lips were excessively swollen and asymmetrical At the same time I was lisping such that my speech was unintelligible, thrown into this potent mix was the development of a seroma to be drained initially and subsequently dealt with more aggressively with sutures.
Needless to say, my friends at home in my ‘face watch appgroup were worried’. Me, far less so, on the thought that I trusted this man, he knows what he is doing, he has great people supporting him, he listens, he understands the scale of importance and helps the patient to consider his perspective based on the limitations. He promised me all will be well and it is. It is more than well.

Two weeks ago Dr Kaye pulled all is skills out and resected my very old and now flabby, stringy thighs. I’m now convinced that I will be able to bounce coins off them, either that or my bottom where he recycled much of the liposuctiomed fat back in to achieve more womanly curves where I have been flat before.

No body ever would have bet that I’d have an opportunity to be rid of the substance called fat and chose to keep it. My belief is that Dr Kaye wants the very, very best for each patient, for me in terms of bedside manner, he is direct and succinct, he lays the options before me and makes recommendations, guiding me to the clinical decision that will give the best overall ongoing outcome.

So many changes, so many people on the way. However Dr Kaye selects the team around him there is a real balance where nothing is too much trouble, what they say will happen does. You are given a realistic assessment of what you have asked for, also in my case, some refinements.

I count myself as a reasonably intelligent woman. Post surgery I count my self one of the luckiest, prettiest, striking women where I live in Cheshire.

Marbella and Ocean Clinic you really looked after me, you have supported me though the Post operative emotional wobbles. I will be jumping on a plane in Malaga tonight with a spring in my step, a smile on my face and a huge appreciation for your kindness and professionalism.
— Marie Tierney

During my first meeting with plastic surgeon and director of Ocean Clinic in Marbella, Dr Kaye, I was immediately reassured by his real interest in understanding what my objectives were and what he recommended surgically. As a 66 year old, I wanted a fresher look without looking drastically different. This resulted in a lower facelift and upper eyelid surgery.

Having made the decision to consider a facelift surgery, his Patient Manager Louise went through all the various consent papers explaining the pre-op requisites and details of what to expect during and after the operation. Her kind and friendly personality was really helpful. The unique set up of Ocean Clinic Marbella, Dr Kaye and Louise makes one feel special and that your welfare really matters. It was great to be able to call Louise day or night and have any questions on your recovery progress answered. The bruising and swelling was quite impressive but does improve! The eyelid stitches were removed after five days and the face ten days later – both painless procedures.

Like childbirth, the immediate pain and discomfort are soon forgotten and well worth the new confidence gained !

I consider being very fortunate to have put my face in the safe and competent hands of Dr Kaye, Director and Head Surgeon of Ocean Clinic Marbella. Knowing how important it is to feel in safe hands, I would not hesitate to recommend Ocean Clinic Marbella.

I am a 47 year old female who believes in keeping fit, as I have trained for the past 25 years of my life. But though I go to the gym every day I was not able to shift some excess fat from my inner thighs and abdomen. Also there was some loose skin around my neck, lower face and upper eyelids.

For the last 2 years I had been researching plastic surgeons and their procedures. I met with several of them and finally decided on Dr Kai O Kaye from Ocean Clinic Marbella. On our first consultation in Marbella he gave me a full explanation of the procedures I was interested in. He inspired my confidence and made me feel that I was in safe hands. Taking his advice I decided on having liposuction of my inner thighs, knees, correction of outer thighs and hips. Also, a bilateral mini face-lift with liposuction of the neck and bilateral upper eyelids lift.

Last month I braved the operation in Marbella. The operation took 5 hours and 2 hours in recovery. The medical staff were very professional, considerate and kind. They kept checking on me to ensure I was comfortable, with excellent before and after care. When I came round after the operation, I did not feel any pain, only the usual discomfort associated with the anaesthesia. Dr Kaye and Patient Manager Louise both came to check on me and reassured me that they were happy with the results. Dr Kaye visited again the following day and told me I could go home.

During the next few days I took the medicines that I had been prescribed and if I had any questions or worries I could contact them at any time, which was very reassuring. Five days later my eyes and body stitches were removed; ten days later the ear stitches were removed as well.

I have visited D. Kaye on two more occasions for post-operative care. I am very happy with the results even though it is very early days. I would not hesitate to recommend Dr Kaye at Ocean Clinic to all my friends.

It took me many years to talk with a qualified rhinoplasty specialist about my big nose. Then I met plastic surgeon Dr Kaye, director and head surgeon of Ocean Clinic Marbella and from the first moment he gave me confidence by demonstrating his knowledge and experience. Thanks to him I got a clear understanding of how the rhinoplasty procedure would work and few weeks later he performed an excellent nose reshaping job, precisely how he described it to me. If I would have met Dr Kaye earlier, I would have done it already before.

Rhinoplasty has had a huge positive impact on how I look, feel and breathe, yet the way he handled it made it a painless procedure with a very fast recovery. Anyone who has any doubts left, speak to the best plastic surgeon Dr Kaye from Marbella and I assure you that your doubts will make room for a perfect and natural result!

Hi, my name is Signe, and I had an eyelid lift done with plastic surgeon Dr Kaye at Marbella. Self-improvement is a must in today’s fast-paced world. My job entails meeting many people and working long hours. Each morning I awoke feeling great, but I always looked as though I was weary and tired, and also - ever since I was a young girl - I, have had problems with fat deposits under my lower eyes. So, I decided to seek professional advice with regards to this problem. I visited many aesthetic and cosmetic clinics before my final decision for Ocean Clinic, plastic surgery clinic in Marbella, which was made due to several factors:

Professionalism – which was impeccable during every part of the process, and the element of trust established during my first consultation with Chief Consultant Plastic Surgery and Director of Ocean Clinic Dr Kaye in Marbella.

Plastic surgery at Ocean Clinic in Marbella is of the highest standard and uses the latest technology, so I felt my health was in safe hands.

The day of the blepharoplasty operation, even though I was nervous and a little excited, everything went according to plan. I chose a local anaesthesia, and the pain was minimal. Also Dr Kaye’s assistant, Louise, was wonderful throughout the whole procedure. The recovery was quick with stitches being removed after 5 days, and the after care was excellent. The operation was a mere two hours, but the effects will be beneficial for years to come. Thank You, Dr Kaye best plastic surgeon and his Ocean Clinic team.

Hi my name is Anna I had my tummy tuck at the age of 34. I have had two 10 pound babies which did nothing for my stomach!! I decided after a year of serious exercise and healthy eating the only option to get my stomach back would be to have plastic surgery. I visited a few plastic surgery clinics before I chose to go with Ocean Clinic in Marbella.

I felt very at ease with Dr Kaye, chief consultant plastic surgery and director of Ocean Clinic, from my first appointment he explained the whole procedure in great detail and showed me exactly where the scar would be (Which was my main concern as I still wanted to wear a bikini with out it being noticeable). He decided that for the best results for me would be to have a tummy tuck, some lipo around my hip area and also to connect all my muscles which had been separated. He also showed me several before and after pictures so I was fully aware of what to expect.

On the day of my Tummy Tuck surgery (admittedly I was nervous) Dr Kaye came and saw me to mark me up and also to reassure me that I was in very safe hands. The operation lasted about 3 1/2 hours the only thing I remember is waking up in my private room wearing a corset. Dr Kaye came at about dinner time to see how I was getting on, to be honest I felt pretty good just a bit tight. I had a very comfortable nights sleep and even managed to get up and have a little walk. The following lunch time Dr Kaye came and took out the drains and said I was fine to go home.

I went back to Ocean Clinic in Marbella after 6 days to have the dressing changed, I managed to have a little look, I was most surprised at the lack of bruising. After 10 days I went back to have my stitches out. I continued to wear the corset for 3 weeks after the operation. It has now only been 3 months since the operation and I am so happy with the results. I can`t wait for summer to show of my new figure in a new bikini!!

I would not hesitate to recommend Dr Kaye, one of the best plastic surgeons in Marbella, to anyone thinking of have any plastic cosmetic surgery.

After having lost much of my breast tissue due to two pregnancies I underwent breast enlargement surgery one year ago, and I feel it is the best decision I have ever made.

Dr Kaye gave me the right advice about which size to take for my figure and to correct the volume loss and apart from that I felt confident from the start that he is a professional and I felt I was in good hands. The operation went smooth and I have hardly had any pain afterwards. I stayed one night in the clinic and was discharged the next day only with a small bandage and almost no swelling or bruising. Now I am already one year post surgery and everything feels so natural that at times it is hard to believe I have implants.

I would recommend it to every woman feeling unconfortable with their small breasts! I told Dr Kaye that I don´t see him as a doctor but as an artist because what he has done to me is a piece of art.

I recently had a Breast Reconstruction performed by Dr Kaye, chief consultant plastic surgery and director of Ocean Clinic Marbella. My Breasts were very distorted and scarred following a badly infected breast reconstruction 5 years ago in my home country. An attempt at reconstruction by the original surgeon had made things even worse and I can´t tell you how distressing it was as a woman to have to live with deformed breasts. It had a profound negative effect an me, and I did not believe anyone had the surgical skill needed to make me whole again. Then I met board-certified plastic surgeon Dr Kaye from Ocean Clinic Marbella and I knew instinctively that he could help me.

He inspired such confidence in me that, despite being extremely nervous, I went ahead with plastic surgery. To say I am delighted would be an understatement! When he first removed the bandages, I cried with happiness. My breasts are so perfect. I can´t believe it, Dr Kaye, best plastic surgeon in Marbella is, in my opinion, a genius and I would not hesitate to recommend him to anyone.
Thank you!

After having 2 kids in 3 years - believe me, I was looking my age! Permantly tired eyes, empty, sagging breasts and a nose I had always hated. It was time for action and after many consultations with various plastic surgeons, I chose Dr Kaye, chief consultant plastic surgery and director of Ocean Clinic Marbella.

I just connected with Dr Kaye really well and when he described the procedure and what could be achieved - well, it felt like he could read my mind. The whole procedure from consultation to surgery to aftercare was so caring and personal. And the results - Way beyond all my expectations. Now I feel like a seriouslly "yummy mummy" and cant thank Dr Kaye, best plastic surgeon and his team enough.

Hi, my name is Laura and I had a breast enlargement with Dr Kaye at Ocean Clinic in Marbella.

I always felt that my breast were a bit to small for my shoulder and thorax; as I train out a lot I don´t have much fat and I felt I looked out of proportion.

I decided to have a consultation with Dr Kaye in Marbella as he has treated other members of my family with very nice results, and Dr Kaye and I had a very profound consultation that lasted almost an hour. We discussed my situation and he noticed I had one breast slightly bigger than the other, he mentioned that during the augmentation this could be easily corrected and the result would be more symmetrical. He asked me exactly what kind of result I wanted in regards to shape and look, and after I told him that I prefer the round style with a bit more cleavage we did try different sizes in a special bra to get a good idea of what size I should go for. I was very happy with the way the consultation went , so I decided to go through with it and booked the surgery.

On the day of surgery I was quite nervous and exited, but the nurses and Dr Kaye did everything to give a calm, comfortable feeling. Going into surgery was quick, and I kind of woke up again with my new breasts! The postoperative period was not really painful; the first 10 days I had some muscle ache and pain from the swelling which was easily controlled by the medication prescribed.

And months down the road my breasts have settled into their final position, they look completely even and symmetric. They look very natural and in proportion with the rest of my body, which is exactly what I wanted to achieve.
Thank you Dr Kay!

Hi, my name is D, I am 40 years old and I had an Mini Tummy tuck done by plastic surgeon Dr Kaye at Ocean Clinic in Marbella; it was a very positive experience which I would like to describe here for other future patients. I was not overweight, but I was looking to find a solution to tighten my tummy skin which had become loose after two pregnancies, and to define the hips a little bit more. I work out a lot, but I could never get rid of those small, nasty love handles.

In the first consultation Dr Kaye, chief consultant plastic surgery and director of Ocean Clinic, sat with me for an hour and a half explaining the difference between a liposuction, an abdominoplasty (tummy tuck) and the possible outcome of each procedure. He was in no hurry, he took his time to respond to all my questions, even went further to show me pictures of previous patients and opened up a file with all my personal information, all the drawings and his suggestions as to which one was more appropriate for me. He was the third doctor that I visited regarding this procedure and the only who took the time to explain it and clarify the pros and cons of it. At the end he recommended a combination between a mini tummy tuck and a small liposuction of the hips. The day before the surgery, I went to his consultation for the final details. He took "the before pictures", measured me and gave me instructions to follow the night before the abdominoplasty surgery.

The following morning Dr Kaye came and marked all the points where the incisions would be done. The operation lasted 3.5 hours, but I don’t remember anything, and when I woke up I had no pain, only a feeling of tightness. Approximately 1.5kg. of skin and fat were removed from my stomach, and the small scar lies where my caesarian scar was anyway . Everything went so smoothly that I did not feel any pain or discomfort. The next day Dr Kaye came to discharge me personally, and I could go home walking by myself with only very little pain in the abdomen and around the hips.

The following two and a half weeks Dr Kaye and his staff were in contact with me on a 3-4 day basis. He requested that I visit his consultation in Ocean Clinic almost every 3 days to check the incision and to make sure the skin was healing properly. Before the operation he also gave me prescriptions for pain killers; antibiotics and a compression garment that I had to wear for support. 10 days later the stitches were removed and I went back for a final check up and "the after pictures". My recuperation at home was very easy and my scar healed perfectly and quickly.

Dr Kaye and his staff met my expectations at every level. His professionalism and caring from beginning to end was excellent. He made me feel very secure and relaxed at all times and took care of all the spoiling and caring during my stay. It has been almost 6 months now and my scar is almost gone, I have a flat tummy with hardly any scars and I look fantastic. Thank you Dr Kaye!

Plastic surgeon Dr Kaye performed both upper and lower blepharoplasty surgery on me at the end of 2009 after a prior consultation at his plastic surgery clinic in Marbella. From the outset I was made to feel at ease by Louise his Practice Manager and any reservations or pre-operative concerns were quickly allayed upon meeting Dr Kaye, director and head plastic surgeon of Ocean Clinic Marbella. He was totally professional and very understanding of my questions and never once made me feel unsure of undergoing the eyelid procedure that I had thought about having for a long time. He explained the blepharoplasty in detail and took pre-operative photographs.

The eyelid operation in Marbella itself went very smoothly and whilst I suffered extensive bruising for some weeks after the operation I am totally delighted with the result. I no longer look tired and both full on and profile shots of my face since the operation have made me realise just how much of a difference the surgery has made. Should I decide in the future to have any additional surgery there is no other plastic surgeon I would even consider operating on me. Dr Kaye in Marbella has given me a little of my youth back, but in addition has given me confidence in the knowledge that there are cosmetic surgeons out there who listen to their clients and have a genuine desire to deliver a really good result and thank him for that and also thank Louise for being such a comfort and grounding influence.

After having a disastrous Rhinoplasty 2 years ago, which was corrected very badly by the same plastic surgeon I was left, feeling disfigured and depressed and wondering if I would ever have a normal nose again.

A good friend recommended plastic surgeon Dr Kaye director of Ocean Clinic in Marbella to me and my consultation in Marbella with Dr Kaye was a big turning point for me. His warm caring nature put me totally at ease and I felt he really understood my distress and could see exactly the damage that the previous Rhinoplasties had done. He assured me that the nose I dreamed of was achievable and I had total faith in him and his surgical skills.

I could see immediatley after the nose surgery that Dr Kaye had done an amazing job and when the swelling had gone down and the cast come off I was totally thrilled with my nose I recommend Dr Kaye best plastic surgeon from the bottom of my heart and I think the result speak for themselves.

I am Louise Taylor, 49 years old and Head Nurse of Marbella!!

As the eyes are the first area of the face to show ageing, and I was no exception, I asked my lovely and very talented Boss, Dr Kaye for a Blepharoplasty.

I cant tell you how delighted I am with the results, and I think my photos show that. Its a small cosmetic surgery for a big change.

My transition has given me self-confidence, not only because my body is finally aligned with my intimate feelings, but also because I feel myself credible in my gender expression. I had two surgeries: FFS (facial feminization surgery), followed by SRS (sex reassignment surgery) and AM (augmentation mammoplasty). This hard-won credibility comes from Dr Richard Fakin´s surgical skills, but also, and perhaps most importantly, from his ability to consider me as a responsible partner of my life and not just as a patient to treat.
Lynn B
Testimonios y opiniones de pacientes. Ocean Clinic