#YoMeQuedoEnCasa: María del Mar García Cuevas, Theatre Nurse

#YoMeQuedoEnCasa: María del Mar García Cuevas, Theatre Nurse Marbella Ocean Clinic

Ocean Clinic is closed during Spain´s state of alarm but our team is still keeping busy. The #YoMeQuedoEnCasa blog series looks at what they´re up to.

What is your role at Ocean Clinic?

I’m an RGN, register general nurse. At Ocean Clinic, I work as a theatre nurse and also as a ward nurse when needed. I’m in charge of ordering medication, gases and other things.

What are you doing with your time while Ocean Clinic is closed?

I’m still working part-time in the operating theatres of our local children’s hospital. Right now, we’re only operating cancer-related procedures and emergency cases, such as appendectomy, bad bone fractures and anything that cannot wait.

We’ve not had any confirmed cases of COVID-19 in the theatres. We have had some possible cases but the tests came back negative. If there’s any possibility of COVID, we have to take all the precautions.

In the intensive care unit of the hospital, there were a couple of positive kids and two pregnant ladies that were also positive. One went home to do the quarantine but the other was worse and so they delivered the baby by C-section. The baby stayed at the neonatal unit and the mum went to the Carlos Haya Hospital to intensive care. I believe both of them are doing fine now.

How are you staying in touch with the industry and your peers during this time?

I keep in touch with my colleagues from Ocean Clinic via our WhatsApp group and we also have video calls.

How are you staying motivated?

The main thing I try to do is not to watch too much TV or read too much news as there are so many conflicting messages and it can be quite demotivating. After that, I try to do exercise and follow a routine to simulate a “normal” life as much as I can manage. I am enjoying spending more time at home with my partner and kids and, as I live in the countryside, there is always something to do.

Do you think the coronavirus crisis will have any long term impact on your role or field of specialism?

I think this crisis will have long term effects on all of us. I hope I can take something from this experience and that it will allow me to grow positively in my professional and personal life.

What are you looking forwards to when you return to work?

I’m looking forward to seeing all my colleagues and, most of all, getting our lives back together as soon as possible.