Rhinoplasty nose correction
... after your surgery and beyond

Aftercare and recovery

The Ocean Clinic Concept is to avoid any unnecessary pain and discomfort. Most of our rhinoplasty procedures are performed under general anesthesia or at least intravenous sedation. This concept allows for a complete pain –free procedure. Postoperative pain in nose correction surgery is rare; most of our patients only have a slight feeling of pressure around the nose and in the forehead for 24h- 48 h treated with oral pain medication.
Most patients can go home on the same day and come for a check -up the day after; stiches are removed after 7 days. During the first 4 weeks postoperative our patients will be referred to our unique physiotherapeutic aftercare for quicker recovery and less swelling. Do not lift any objects beyond 5kg and avoid sports involving weights during 14 days.

Relevant risks in Rhinoplasty and nose correction

Rhinoplasty surgery has very few complications if carried out by an experienced surgeon in a accredited facility. Rare complications include postoperative bleeding requiring revision, asymmetries of the nose, difficulties with breathing, unsatisfactory scar healing requiring scar correction at a later date and prolonged recovery due to swelling and / or hematoma. Changes of sensibility of the skin are expected during the early postoperative period and disappear after 6 months.

How long does a nose correction last?

Once a stable result is achieved after 12 months healing time the results are in most cases stable for life.

Alternatives to rhinoplasty

Rhinomodelation with facial fat grafting or injectable fillers alone is a possible alternative technique if the a better shape of nose back or tip can be achieved by adding volume, but the results are less dramatic than with an surgical nose correction.

Our Experience in nose correction surgery

Our surgeons performed more than 300 nose correction procedures within the last 10 years and have a vast experience in reduction as well as augmentation rhinoplasty. We offer as well a ample experience in nose surgery for facial feminization in transgender patients.