#YoMeQuedoEnCasa: Dr Nina King, Director of Ocean Dental

#YoMeQuedoEnCasa: Dr Nina King, Director of Ocean Dental Marbella Madrid Ocean Clinic

Ocean Clinic is closed during Spain´s state of alarm but our team is still keeping busy. The #YoMeQuedoEnCasa blog series looks at what they´re up to.

What is your role at Ocean Clinic?

I am the principal dentist, specialising in aesthetic dental treatment for adults - not only to enhance the appearance of smiles but also to improve dental function and harmony. I also collaborate with other dental specialists like the orthodontist.

What are you doing with your time while Ocean Clinic is closed?

As per the government directive, I am only allowed to see dental patients who need basic emergency treatment so for the majority of the time I have been staying in like everyone else.

It seems I’m never short of things to do around the house and garden! I’ve also been enjoying reading, sewing and continuing to study French, plus I am finally getting around to that 1500 piece jigsaw puzzle bought at Christmas!

Professionally, I have been continuing to stay up to date in digital advances within dentistry and learn more about new technology and techniques. Fortunately, I enjoy learning and have a passion for the Cerec crown machine and in-house digital technology so it´s a great opportunity for me.

How are you staying in touch with the industry and your peers during this time?

Technology has made self-isolation so much easier. Before the pandemic, I was always involved in discussions and forums with my peers many of whom are based around the world. So this has now increased even further. There has been a huge focus on online continuing professional development courses (CPD) so even though we can´t travel to conferences, using webinars, forums and social media means we all stay connected. The Ocean Clinic Team also has an active WhatsApp group that helps keep us united during this difficult time.

How are you staying motivated?

I always try to stay in the moment and simply focus on the positive of my current situation. Part of that means keeping busy and ticking things off my list. So, some days I exercise, meditate and study, other days I can just relax and enjoy the break... it all depends on how I feel. Certainly, some days have been more challenging than others but I rely on daily chats with family and friends to keep my positive energy going!

Do you think the coronavirus crisis will have any long term impact on your role or field of specialism?

It is clear that this will impact every industry but it´s really hard to know to what extent. Realistically, when people are pressed financially, then elective treatments may be the first thing that get postponed. We all just have to take it day by day.

In addition, the nature of my field means very close contact with patients and naturally after all the social distancing measures some patents may be nervous to be in this dental environment. However, we have been closely following the recommended advice and protocols and will implement them once we are back to ensure our patients and staff remain protected.

What are you looking forwards to when you return to work?

I guess I just miss the human interaction, particularly the initial consultations with new patients when we get the chance to sit down and chat about their expectations and the possible treatment options. I truly enjoy my work and giving patients confidence in their smile! Of course, just being able to work with the team again will also be extremely satisfying.