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Dental Contouring

Cosmetic Dentistry

Dental Contouring

Selective reshaping of tooth enamel can create a more pleasing smile.

  • Preparation for treatment
    1 consultation visit
  • Duration of treatment
    1 hour
  • Anaesthesia
    None needed
  • Fit for society
    Same day
  • Back to work
    Same day
  • Aftercare and recovery
    Regular hygiene and examination appointments

What to know before Cosmetic Dentistry

What to Know Before Cosmetic Dentistry Dental Contouring. Ocean Clinic

Dental Contouring is a simple and painless reshaping procedure in which the tooth structure is reshaped with finely ground diamonds. Here small amounts of the tooth’s enamel, the outer layer covering the tooth, can be adjusted in order to change the shape, length and surface texture of the teeth. Even the smallest change via contouring in the right area can make a massive difference to the appearance of your teeth and smile, giving the illusion of uniformity and alignment.

Cosmetic contouring can be used to help treat a number of common dental problems from worn and uneven tooth surfaces to small chips and worn biting areas. It is however only suitable where slight changes are required as, due to these limitations, issues may arise between maintaining optimum tooth functionality and achieving maximum smile aesthetics.

If it is suitable for you, however, within a single visit, minor imperfections can be adjusted and when combined with other treatments, for example a whitening procedure or cleaning, the changes to your smile can be quite dramatic, boosting your confidence and self-esteem and leaving you with a gleaming smile to show off at work and when out and about with your friends.

Usually a single treatment session of an hour.

Patient testimony

Exceptional service. Friendly, professional and caring. Couldn't ask for more. Communication was excellent and appointments were fast.

A.B. 2017

Good oral hygiene and possibly a use of a night guard splint if grinding or clenching is a long -term issue.

In rare cases, patients may experience transient sensitivity to cold which can last for several days afterwards but this is unusual.

This is a permanent solution.

Cosmetic contouring is limited in its application and can only improve the form/shape of teeth, so it is often combined with whitening treatments if colour is also an issue. For a more dramatic smile improvement other options like veneers may be considered.

On average we perform a couple cases a month.

The next step

 After Cosmetic Dentistry Dental Contouring. Ocean Clinic