Davinia Taylor - mastopexy in Marbella

Davinia Taylor has paid a return visit to the Marbella (Spain) based specialist, Dr Kai O Kaye, responsible for her recent mastopexy (breast lift surgery) in order to prevent any permanent scarring.

The former Hollyoaks actress has travelled to Ocean Clinic Marbella for a follow up consultation little more than a month after her initial boob uplift.

In this video Davinia Taylor talks openly about her breast lift procedure.

Davinia Taylor - mastopexy in Marbella

"I had my boobs lifted"

And taking to Instagram with plastic surgeon Dr Kai O Kaye, Davinia, 41, revealed she is keen to have a series of precautionary injections after noticing raised scars on her nipples in the weeks following her operation.

Back to Ocean Clinic in Marbella where I had my boobs lifted after years of implants and subsequent skin stretching amended, she explained:

"I’m super happy with my results but with a professional eye Dr Kaye decided to give me a few local injections of steroids to stop what looks like a slight raised scarring around the top of the nipples. (Hypoteopic scarring)"

She added: "I personally wasn’t too bothered considering what they have been through over the past 15 years of different size implants going in and then the removals!!

But he said this painless procedure will flatten the scar tissue for a more natural look!! Great aftercare here!!!"

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by Jason Chester and Eve Buckland for mailonline, 4 june 2019