Breast Augmentation with Implants
... after your surgery and beyond

Aftercare and recovery

The Ocean Clinic is dedicated to avoiding any unnecessary pain. We routinely perform a temporary local anaesthesia of relevant sensory nerves, thus considerably lowering the pain in the early post-operative period. With an additional combination of one or two painkillers, you should be free of pain. At worst, you may feel a strain reminiscent of excessive gym training. Our suturing is resorbable; there is no need to remove stitches. We will provide you with a special bra to be worn for about 4 to 6 weeks. Do not lift any objects beyond 5kg and avoid sports involving weights during this period.

Relevant risks in breast augmentation with implants

Capsule is a natural sequel to any implanted foreign body (breast implant, pace maker, port etc). It is the formation of a surrounding connective tissue envelope, protecting the body from foreign objects. In about 10% of cases, this capsule might begin to contract, eventually becoming smaller than the breast implant itself, resulting in a change of form and/or size of the breast and provoking pressure and pain. If this is the case, it occurs on average 10 to 12 years after the augmentation mammoplasty. The therapy is exchange or removal of the implant. There is no connection between breast implants and breast cancer. Breast implants further have no impact on the detection or the timely diagnosis of breast cancer. Extremely rare cases of anaplastic large cell lymphoma (ALCL) associated with breast implants have been described throughout the literature. The therapy is removal of the implant including its surrounding capsule. Overall, augmentation mammoplasty is the third most common procedure in the field of plastic surgery. In experienced hands, it is a safe and straightforward operation with highly rewarding results.

Do i have to change my breast implants ?

If you do not have any problems and are still satisfied with the appearance, there is no reason why you should change your implants. The belief that there is a standardised necessary implants exchange every 10 years grew from a much higher incidence rate of capsular fibrosis in the past. With the latest-generation implants we use, these numbers diminish to very low levels. All our implants have a life-long guarantee. In case you have any symptoms or uncertainties, come and see us.

Alternatives to breast augmentation with implants

Fat grafting is a recommended alternative technique in case you have enough fat reserves. Multiple sessions are often necessary, as the body absorbs a certain amount of transplanted fat. It is above all a good option if you wish to enhance your breasts by one or two cup sizes or as a complementing procedure. Autologous breast lifting is possible if you have sagging breasts with a prominent lower pole. Notice that your breasts will not become bigger, but implant effect can be created as your breast tissue is repositioned in order to tighten and lift the breast. The method requires the patient to accept more scars.

Our Experience in breast augmentation with implants

In more than 10 years, we have performed over 1000 breast augmentations. We are the authors of multiple scientific peer-reviewed publications concerning breast surgery and particularly breast enhancement. We continuously give related lectures at international scientific conferences and symposiums. We were and are among the first to use novel implants of the highest quality available on the market. We are proud of our satisfied patients due to meticulous planning and implant selection. We accept zero compromise on our patients’ safety.