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Teeth Whitening

Kosmetische Zahnmedizin

Teeth Whitening

In-office treatments or at home whitening kits to lighten dark, stained, or yellow teeth quickly.

  • Vorbereitung
    1 consultation visit
  • Eingriffsdauer
    1 hour in clinic
  • Art der Narkose
    None needed
  • Gesellschaftsfähig
    Same day
  • Arbeitsfähig
    Same day
  • Nachbehandlung
    Regular hygiene visits and diet monitoring

Was Sie vor der Kosmetische Zahnmedizin wissen sollten

What to Know Before Kosmetische Zahnmedizin Teeth Whitening. Ocean Clinic

Simply by whitening your teeth you can look years younger and feel an added confidence whenever you smile! Teeth whitening gently removes stains leaving your teeth cleaner and brighter and is most effective when combined with a general cleaning and polishing beforehand.

Of course, we always do a full initial examination to check your suitability for any whitening process and discuss the effectiveness of teeth whitening for your case.

Our teeth whitening treatments can be carried out in our Marbella practice – in which a gel is placed directly on the teeth and activated with a special blue UV light which is used to speed up the teeth whitening process. Some patients do experience sensitivity particularly when the light is used so we also offer an alternative inhouse system which does not require light acceleration. Alternatively, the home teeth whitening system is popular and can be carried out using our custom-made flexible trays and gel.

In surgery about 60 minutes, home trays for 5-7 days, 4 hours daily.


Ich bin jetzt seit 10 Jahren bei Nina King und sie und ihr Team sind die professionellsten, die ich je gesehen habe. Ich kann diese Klinik nur wärmstens empfehlen!

Claudia, 2018

Recommended to avoid smoking, red wine, curries and other heavily stained food substances in the period following treatment May need to be topped up.

Some patients may experience transient sensitivity lasting for several days afterwards. This is usually related to the strength of the solutiion so every effort is made to choose a solution compatible with your tooth type.

Depending on lifestyle (mainly smoking and type of diet), tooth whitening may need to be topped up between 6- 12 months. Some patients may even require two separate, initial sessions in surgery to achieve a better result.

Whitening treatments can only improve the shade of the teeth and have no impact on length, shape, form or any other aspect of the aesthetics. In addition, the final result can be unpredictable as there is genetic variability in the reaction to the products used and depends as well on the starting and desired finished shade.

On average we perform around 4 in-surgery whitenings a month and about 6 take home whitening systems.

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