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Platelet Rich Plasma PRP | Ocean Clinic
Platelet Rich Plasma

Platelet Rich Plasma PRP

The regenerative medicine can be applied in many ways bringing retorative treatments to a new era. It is based on the stimulation of regenerative process through growth and regulator factors that has been well known to play an important role during the healing process of any kind. The PRP is a fluid reach in growth and regulator factors extracted from prepared blood samples. It comes as a yellowish fluid that can be used in treatments as a healing booster or as a booster to collagen stimulation. Our team believes that PRP is a booster that can be used in combination with many treatments speacially surgical procedures, fat grafting, Microneedling (DERMAPEN®), alopecia treatment, post ablative laser or RF and deep peelings.

  • Terme technique
  • Durée de l'opération
    15 minutes
  • Anesthésie
    Numbing cream
  • Sortie de la clinique
  • Récupération
    Same day
  • Retour au travail
    Same day
  • Suivi et rétablissement

Ce qu’il faut savoir avant Platelet Rich Plasma

Ce qu’il faut savoir avant Platelet Rich Plasma PRP. Ocean Clinic

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